Exploring and Experiencing New H​igh-Speed Rail Technology in the Birthplace of Chinese Culture


The 14 days project consists of three parts, high-speed railway technology, urban rail transit and traditional cultural experience. With intelligent transportation as the main line, learn new technologies in railway rolling stock, high-speed EMU and other fields, find the power sources of trains, explore driverless technology, and reveal the mysteries of urban rail transit operation. Taking Qilu culture as a bridge to seek the roots of Confucius thought, experience intangible cultural heritage skills such as paper cutting and rope weaving, and feel the traditional charm of calligraphy, tea art and martial arts, and deepen cultural exchanges and mutual learning.


New Technology For High-Speed Rail


The Special Topic on High-Speed EMU (Electric Multiple Unit) Technology


The Special Topic on Intelligent Train Maintenance Technology


The Bridges and Tunnels of China's Railways


 Introduction to Railroad Operations and Typical Railway Stations in China


Urban Subway, Leading The Smart New Life


 Power Source of Urban Rail Trains


 Unveiling the Management of Urban Rail Transit Operations


 Explore Driverless Technology For Urban Rail Trains


Excellent Chinese Cultural Experience


One Mountain, One Water and One Saint


Classic Culture and Traditional Skills


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